Sticky Face – Black Jock Receiving an Insane Facial!

Hey there guys, breed it raw here again with new scenes. This week’s update features quite the horny jock as he gets himself in a “sticky” situation just like the title says. He decided to have some fun with one of his colleagues on the team and the guy was more than happy to have some fun playing with the guy.  So they went back to the dorms to the dude’s place and once inside they locked the door. They didn’t want anyone interrupting them while they were getting nasty. Well then, let’s just take our time to see them engage in some private action all afternoon long in that room shall we? We can bet that you want to check this out as well!


The show starts with the black stud starting to undress himself and the guys as they were making out. Rest assured that clothes flew off very fast off of both of them and before you know it, they are already on the bed and carrying on with the naughty stuff. The black stud gets to sucking that cock too without delay and you just have to see this guy’s amazing technique as well. After he’s done polishing the knob, you can watch him taking it anally for the rest of the scene too. At the end he pulls out and lets his buddy blow his load on him as well landing all over his face. Like kinky Trystan Bull, this guy is crazy about getting his face covered in cum! Take your time to enjoy it and we’ll be seeing you again soon!

See this black jock receiving an insane facial!