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Virgo & Mari Mills

When was the last time we had a straight guy getting pounded around here at breed it raw. Well, today is your lucky day because this cute black hunk is getting his ass stuffed for the very first time. He made a small mistake that got out of his hands pretty fast. The black jock messed around with the wrong guys and didn’t keep his mouth shut and he paid for that. After a few drinks, he began arguing with some of the guys that were there. When they saw he wasn’t going to keep his mouth shut they sent him to their good old friend Mills to take care of him. He thought that the guys were going to beat him up but apparently, they had a different plan in mind for him.


Once they left him to Mills place the jock finally got it. Everyone in their hood knew Mills and everyone there knew that he was into guys. Things got pretty clear for him at that point and he also saw the big picture of what was going to happen. Mills took him to the bedroom where he finally shut his mouth with his rock hard dick. Virgo didn’t have any gay experience so sucking another’s guy’s dick wasn’t one of the things he was looking for that night. But Mills was just getting things started because his ass was next in line and you gotta see this guy taking his fist dick up this tight virgin ass!

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Stuffed and Creamed

Breeditraw is back with another intense gay fucking scene. These guys sure love getting stuffed and creamed and the best part is that they love sharing it with us. The black jocks met the other day and things went great for them. They bumped into each other at a bar the other night and that’s pretty much how it all started. The guys started talking and then moved the fun at home. They aren’t big fans of bathroom fucks so they went home. Once they got there clothes were flying all over the place and once they got to the couch the stuffing and the creaming began. The raw guys didn’t have any mercy on one another’s ass as the begun shoving their black hard dicks deeper and deeper in their asses and they didn’t skip over dumping their loads. These guys don’t play around!

The gay black jocks ended up moving around the house and the kitchen counter was the next destination. These horny black hunks love taking dicks up their asses and they are the best at it. Here is the place where you find some of the hottest guys in the nastiest scenes. Like the guys from the military classified site, these hot guys are crazy about getting ass fucked! The entire gay gallery is waiting for you guys below and as you can see in the preview things are pretty wild. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more raw gay sex scenes!


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Chino and Zoe – Flip Fuck

Hey there and welcome back! Chino and Zoe, the two breed it raw hunks are here in this latest update. The two black jocks had a great time nailing their asses and blowing their big hard dicks. Chino is the one visiting his old friend, Zoe, in this latest update. As you can see these two look amazing and we are sure that you guys will enjoy them as much as we did. Great bodies and big dicks, what can go wrong?

The two horny hunks had some catching up to do so Chino thought to visit his good old friend this weekend to see what he’s up to. The two black jocks couldn’t keep their hands off one another and things quickly escalated. Chino and Zoe were in bed when Chino started sucking off his friend’s big black dick off.  Horny Zoe was the next one in line and did the best he could with Chino’s big black dick before he got his turn on his fine ass. The two horny black jocks offered us a hell of a show and you get to see it all in the scene below. The flip fuck madness kept the guys busy for a while and you guys should really check it out. See you guys next time with more breeditraw updates and until next time you can check out some of the older scenes! If you can’t wait until then, check out the chaosmen site and see other horny gay men having sex!


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Breed It Raw – Strapped Up

In this breed it raw update things got a lot kinkier that in most of the update. This is what happens when you agree with everything without asking too many questions. The black jocks tied each other’s hands and drilled their asses. Things got way more interesting that usual as the guy thought to spice things up a bit with some ropes and some sex toys. These two wanted to try out something new, but this ended up being a bit more than both of them expected. The guys got butt naked and took turns on tying each other. Like we said earlier the guys tied up their hands and then begun hammering their asses in front of the rolling cameras. But there more, so much more!

The best part of it was that the guys couldn’t move at all so you could do whatever you wanted to with your guy. Sounds more and more interesting right? This is what the guys thought and as you are going to see the guys had a blast in this one. The black jocks took turns on nailing their asses and blowing one another’s dicks during it all. This was all for today but make sure that you check out the entire picture gallery to see just how dirty things can get with these two jocks. Enjoy it and make sure you get back for more!


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Breed It Raw – Bareback Fun

Your favorite breed it raw hunks are back with more bareback fun for you guys. These two horny black jocks don’t miss a chance to bang one another’s asses. The bareback fun started in the hotel room where our hunk got a special visit from one of his co-workers. The guys have been teasing one another for a while so now they were finally able to do something about it. This business trip ended up being way more interested than either of them thought it would be. The black jocks had the entire room for themselves so they tried out every little corner of it.

It all started on one of the couches in the room where the guys began the bareback ass nailing session. The guys took their time and bareback fucked their fine asses. We know how you like your guys and these two are more than alright. Both hot, horny and with big dicks looking for some backroom pounding action. The guys continued their bareback ass fucking marathon with a tour of the room and got to stuff their asses all over their hotel room. Enjoy it and make sure you are going to return for more steamy breeditraw updates. These horny guys made our day a lot better and we are sure that they are going to do the same thing for you guys as well. See you guys next time!


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Carlito and Addiction

In this breed it raw update you are going to see Carlito getting a taste of Addiction’s hard dick as the white jock gets his ass slammed by him in this one. The two horny jocks had a wild night together in this latest update and you’ll get to see it all in the scene below. The black hunk had a blast nailing his tight butthole in some intense bareback ass fucking. Carlito always wanted to try out a black guy and today it became true. Addiction is one of the oldest guys around here and each and every time he surprises us in the best way possible.

The black hunk paid him a visit the other day to get his rent and instead of money, he got to nail his ass. His new guy didn’t have the rent and asked him for a few extra days to gather the cash. Carlito offered him something else instead that he couldn’t turn down and made him think twice about kicking him out of the place. Addiction can’t turn down a fuck and everyone knows that even Carlito. So when his guy offered to fuck with him for a few more days he was more than ok with it. You gotta see the two hunks blowing and banging their asses in another exclusive update. Make sure you check it out and we’ll see you next time with more!


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Breed It Raw – Bust It Baby

Two more breed it raw jocks got to bang their asses in this latest update. The good part is that these guys like bareback banging so we know what we are going to get with these two and must see them slamming their asses. Everything happened this morning while they were at home and realized that they had the place all for themselves. The guys were sharing the house with a third guy but he wasn’t really into other dudes so the guys kept it for the times when he wasn’t home. They didn’t want to make the poor guy feel uncomfortable around his own house.

This morning after he left to work, both of the guys called in sick at work and had the entire day to nail their asses. Without worrying about someone disturbing their alone time. The horny black jocks got butt naked, really really fast, and proceeded to fuck their asses and blowing their dicks. With these guys, you get what you see and they didn’t hold back at all during it all. Bareback ass fucking, sloppy blowjobs and rimming is what you are going to get with these two and their intense scene. Check them out in action in the scene we have prepared for you guys. For more breeditraw updates you can check out some of the older updates. Stay tuned and see you guys next time!


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Breed It Raw – Insane Facial

The breed it raw hunk is back and this time he’s getting his pretty face all covered up with jizz. Two black jocks are here to make our day better with their intense encounter. After so many unpaid debts this black jock found the best way to win some extra time. The jock was owing money to some really dangerous guys in his neighborhood. Today was payback day and our guys didn’t have the money so he had to get creative if he wanted to get out of it safe and sound. Luckily the guy that was sent to his place was into guys and he found a way of convincing him to give him some extra days it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but he had to do it. Our guy took him to the couch where he worked as hard as he could to convince him.

The guy took off his pants and our guy was all over him and his big black cock. The poor guy didn’t stop blowing his dick until he got his face covered up with jizz. The black jock got impressed by his hard work and just couldn’t leave him until he got his big black dick up his perfect ass. This is how businesses are made in the hood if you are in the right circle and these breeditraw jocks don’t play around, just like the guys from chaos men videos! Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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Breed It Raw – XL and Addiction

One of your favorite breed it raw guys, Addiction is back with another banger scene for all you lucky guys. The ripped black jock got to fuck another hot guy, XL in this one and it was fire. The two guys couldn’t keep their hands to each other during the entire scene and have two guys with their experience you know that things are going to be on a completely different level. XL and Addiction had a few scenes before this one so you aren’t going to see any awkward moments, just pure lust and passion. And show it during the entire scene!

The black hunks took turns on sucking their dicks and neither of them stopped until their drenched the other in jizz. The horny jocks fucked their brains out in this one and you got the best seat in the house to enjoy that. When you work with two experienced guys you know you are going to receive only the best out of it and these guys showed up and did their part the best way they could. The jocks didn’t hold back from a lot of things, but we aren’t going to tell more because you can see for yourself by following the link below. So don’t be shy because scenes like this don’t come around each day, only maybe on the site! Two experienced black hunks fucking in another great breeditraw gallery it’s something you shouldn’t miss out.


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Knockout & Brayden

Hey there and welcome back! Two more breed it raw jocks are here for you guys. It’s Knockout and Brayden’s to show us just how dirty things can get between them and as you can see below things started pretty well with these two blowing one another’s dick. The guys couldn’t keep their hands away from each other and things got hot instantly. After an intense ball game the guys went to Brayden’s place for a beer. One beer ended up being an entire case and that probably helped their situation. The jocks got hot and they got there fast and in no time they were naked, showing off their great bodies and their fat black dicks. But there’s so much more happening so stay tuned!

Knockout is the first one getting pleased by getting his big fat dick sucked off by his hot friend, Brayden. He returned the favor and worked on Brayden’s dick as well right before he started nailing his fine black ass in front of the camera. Nothing is slowing these two black jocks down and you can see that in the scene below. The guys left it all in front of the cameras and you can see it all in the gallery below. Enjoy it and don’t forget to return for more breeditraw updates and until then you can also enjoy some of the older updates we have around here! If you’re looking for similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, check out the chaosmen site and have fun watching some cum hungry guys swallowing cum!


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