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Breed It Raw – C’zar and Assassin

Breed It Raw is back with another great scene! Another fresh week and as per usual time to check out some more kinky and fresh studs. We wanted to do something special for this one as you’ve been with us for quite some time now and this would call for at least a celebration. And to do that, we decided to bring you two of our most elite studs in terms of being naughty and kinky on camera just for that reason. The two are C’zar and Assassin and the two guys are two black studs with some superb bodies that can never have enough of one another. So let’s let them loose today and see them getting to spend more time together getting around to do lots of hard style lovin’ this afternoon!

The guys get to have a nice and big bed all to themselves to use as a playground and you can bet that they made full use of it as well. So let’s check it out and see the action start off with C’zar getting to undressing himself and Assassin too. Then he gets to start working on that cock with his tongue eventually using his expert mouth too. You just need to see this ebony man slutty sucking and deep throating that huge cock with a passion. And after a nice and hard style ass fucking, he gets to present his face once again as the guy shoots his load all over him too. Enjoy the update and see you next week with another new breeditraw update!

Breed It Raw C'zar and Assassin blowjob

Breed It Raw C'zar and Assassin

Enjoy watching this black hunk getting drenched in cum!

Breed It Raw – Red and Carlito

Hey there guys, breed it raw is here once more and we bring you Red and Carlito this afternoon. We wanted to mix things up a bit for this one so, instead of the regular black on black stud action, you get to watch a Latino stud of smaller proportions but with a nice and huge cock as he gets to take his time today pounding this ebony stud’s eager holes too. We know that you will have no trouble with this one as both guys were simply amazing and this one is a scene not to miss under any circumstance. So let’s get ready to see some more steamy gay fucking action with another pair of really eager guys that wanted more than anything to show off.

Breed It Raw Red and Carlito fuck The guys get to have their fun in the bedroom and Red is quite happy to see that Carlito was packing quite the nice and huge cock. As soon as he whipped it out of his pants he just had to have a piece of that mighty fine big white cock so you get to see him starting to suck Carlito off. Enjoy seeing him put those juicy lips to good use to get his new fuck mate nice and hard, and when the cock was like a rock, he got to take his spot on top. Watch Red bouncing up and down the cock as he takes the meat pole balls deep in his ass, and stay through to the end as you can see him taking Carlito’s huge jizz load all over his hot sexy body too. Enjoy this breeditraw scene and bye bye! Wanna see other black dudes fucking? If you do, enter the site!

Breed It Raw Red and Carlito

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Addiction and King

Addiction and King are two of our best hot breed it raw studs and we just had to show off their fuck session for the afternoon. Addiction, like his name, is simply addicted to anal sex and he just loves to have his ass fucked nice and deep by a nice and huge cock too. And well King? Heh, King packs quite the enormous black cock that’s always ready to give any ass a good stretching. So you can see why these two would work great together. Anyway, check out some of our past breeditraw scenes too and check out Cuban and Nick for a scene much like this and you will be able to enjoy another simply amazing anal fucking session there too.

The two guys seemed to be really eager to get it on and so, they start off the fucking on the couch. Watch King taking the dominant role as we said, and you can see him having Addiction using those luscious lips to make sure that his buddy is rock hard and ready to fuck his tight ass. And after that you can see the bait buddies fucking in the ass nice and rough King makes sure to reward him properly for some nice oral pleasing. Take your time to see King sinking that cock as deep as it can go in Addiction’s fine ass as the latter moans in pleasure and have fun with the whole thing. As always, we’ll be seeing you next week so make sure to drop by okay? If you can’t wait until then, visit the wurstfilm site and watch some horny guys fucking each other assholes!

Breed It Raw Addiction and King Part 2

Breed It Raw Addiction and King

Take a look at these black hunks fucking one another!

Breed It Raw – Virgo and Siren

Time to get to see more breed it raw hunks in action, and today we bring you two guys from the hood. They rarely get to have some quality time alone and so, this time it’s quite the nice show to see them fucking. They are named Virgo and Siren and they are quite the tough guys too. But as soon as they enter the bedroom they chance 100% in the opposite direction and are the most passionate guys that you can ever hope to see having some wild and kinky sex as well, just like the guys from the wurstfilm blog! So let’s watch them spend a quality afternoon together as they get to have some nice and kinky fun for your enjoyment today as well shall we everyone?

Breed It Raw Virgo and Siren

Both of them work hard every day and you can see that on their perfectly muscled bodies too. Well today after they both get off from work, they have big plans and you can bet that they had the place all to themselves to have fun in. They locked the front door after they went inside and went straight to the living room to unwind and have a good time. You do get to see some very hot and kinky images with them sucking each other off, and after that they put that couch that they own to good use too as you can then enjoy seeing the two hot and sexy studs getting around to take turns to fuck each other in the ass as well. See you guys next week once more!

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True and Phoenix

Well here we are yet again with more amazing and fresh breed it raw scenes for you. True and Phoenix are the two guys that you get to see fucking today and we’re pretty sure that you remember both of them. As you know they have been part of quite a number of scenes around here and we know that you loved their past scenes. Well we wanted to pair the two of them together this fine afternoon and see how they’d do and let’s just say that we do not regret that decision one bit at all. They were just amazing, just like the guys from videos,  and you simply have to check it out without delay. It’s quite impressive to see what they were up to so let’s not delay the breeditraw show!

As the cameras start to roll, the two guys make their entry. And like many studs around here, you get to watch the two of them putting on a nice and kinky strip show for you as they undress and show off those sexy muscled bodies to the cameras and you guys as well today. After all that, you get to see Phoenix as the stud gets to be the first one to take it in the ass from True. And you just have to see that nice and long cock sliding balls deep in his mighty fine and tight ass. Rest assured that after all that anal fucking, True got himself rewarded with the same anal action as well and by the end of it all both guys had lots of fun with it!

Breed It Raw True and Phoenix

Enjoy watching these jocks banging their fine asses!

Breed It Raw – Storm and Staxx

Another fresh week and time to check out some more new and fresh breed it raw scenes as usual. Well just as usual we know what you guys adore seeing so we have just that to show off again. So you know what that means, two more excellent black studs with some sexy bodies and big black cocks to have fun with one another on cam. And as usual you have front row seats to the whole kinky hot older male show too. Let’s get the show going and let’s watch them in breeditraw action without delay as this update is one to not pass up under any circumstance if you like this sort of stuff. And we almost forgot, the two are named Storm and Staxx.

Breed It Raw Storm and Staxx

This superb raw scene has the two of them enjoying some oral action as Strom is the one to be doing it for his fuck buddy. Watch and enjoy the view as you can see him straight off taking off Staxx’s pants and whipping out that superb and thick meat pole of his. Watch and see those juicy lips and expert tongue working the shaft with a passion and you will also see Staxx moan in pleasure as his buddy sucks on his big and hard cock today. And do stick around until the end as you will see Storm getting a jizz load all over the face too. Have fun as always and do check out the past scenes as well to see more naughty black guys having sexual fun!

Take a look at this jock getting drenched in cum!

Romance and Tango

This week’s breed it raw scene is even more hotter and kinkier than usual everyone. We know what you love to see and you can rest assured that you will find it here this week as well. And as you know this is the best spot to check out some very tempting and horny chocolate guys partying hard just for your enjoyment and your viewing pleasure too. The studs today are Romance and Tango and as the name of the first one, this one is quite nice to look at. Rest assured that it has everything that you could ever want to see, so expect to see some nice and hard style ass fucking with these two today everyone. Let’s get it started.

The two of them want to show off how passionate two black men can get when they want to do some nice and hard fucking and this breed it raw scene has plenty of that. They are crazy about getting naked for the camera, just like the guys from the blog! Of course, first order of business, was to decide who’d get the dicking today. Romance was more than okay with the idea to have Tango’s hard and thick cock stretching his ass and so he got straight to work with some nice oral to get him staying nice and hard too. After that you can see him moaning in pleasure as he takes that cock hard style from behind and loving it too. Enjoy it and at the end of it, watch as Tango shoots a nice and big jizz load all over that sexy round ass too.

Breed It Raw Romance and Tango

Take a look at these black jocks nailing their asses!

Remy and Drilla

Hey there once more everyone. As usual breed it raw has some more good stuff to show off and this week’s main feature is Remy and his fuck mate Drilla. And yes he does have that nickname because he has a huge cock and on top of that he just adores to drill tight asses. Well anyway, we know that you guys enjoy seeing some nice studs fucking every week and these two are sure to impress. And if you want to check out some more kinky scenes like this one, check out Mr Cali and his scene as well and you will get to watch him having that meat pole of his treated quite nicely by another stud too. Anyway, let’s get back to the breeditraw action with these two.

Breed It Raw Remy Mars and Drilla

The thing is that these two go hand in hand. Like we said, Drilla adores to fuck tight asses, and Remy, well he’s just a general man slut that loves to get fucked in the ass nice and hard as well. So sit back and let’s get to see them play. Remy being the sub today, you can see him making sure to get Drilla’s cock nice and hard for his ass, and after that a nice and long ride awaits him as he takes his spot on top and you can see him enjoying it too. When it all comes to an end and Drilla’s done fucking that tight ass and ready to shoot his load, you get to see Remy getting to suck that cock dry of all the jizz too. Which of course, pleased Drilla too. Don’t forget that you can find similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics inside the freshsx site, so check it out and have fun!

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Breed It Raw – Hotel Room Fuck

Hey there guys and welcome back to more new and amazing breed it raw scenes today. Well we have more of Onyx to show off this fine day. You got to see this amazing stud last week in his scene with Mr Cali and this new gallery has him being on the receiving end for a change. We really wanted to pair these two together and see where their scene would go and in short, the two black studs made magic happen easy with it. You just have to take our time and check it out if you want to watch some simply amazing scenes and after this we’re sure to have them play together some more in the future as well. Anyway, let’s get to see them in action!

The scene has the sexy studs getting to do a nice and hard style fuck session in a classy hotel room and as you can see, the two have that nice and big bed all to themselves for this amazing scene. Watch Onyx undressing his buddy and as soon as he whips out that nice and big cock you get to watch him sucking and slurping on it with a passion without delay too. After that, he bends over as he wants his new fuck buddy to take him from behind, which happens without delay too. So enjoy the doggie style anal fuck today and have fun with the couple that we brought to you guys this afternoon. We will be back next week once more with new breeditraw content. Wanna see some hot tgirls getting ass fucked? If you you do, check out the blog!

Breed It Raw Red Bull and Roman

Watch here these black jocks hammering their asses!

Mr. Cali and Onyx Omari

Breed it raw is back in the game. We took a bit of a break for a while but we are back with some more new and fresh scenes for you to see today once more. And in this scene MR Cali makes his comeback as well as he gets to have some fun with Onyx and his nice and sexy round ass for the afternoon. Let’s get to take the time and watch them in action for this simply superb and hot scene. Either way you can be sure that you are in for quite the nice and kinky gallery with two very hot and sexy black studs today. Well let’s get this show started and see the two of them in action without anymore delay shall we? we know you’re eager to see the breeditraw action too.

Breed It Raw Mr. Cali and Onyx Omari

Well this nice and hot breed it raw scene starts off with the guys getting around to lose their clothes as you can clearly see. And it seems that they ended up putting the couch to good use for this one. Watch Onyx bending over and letting the guy get a nice and good taste of his ass and cock to prep it for the next part too. And then Mr Cali gets to take his spot on top of that now rock hard black cock for the afternoon. Sit back and enjoy and have fun with these two having some hard style sex this nice afternoon and we will see you soon. So we’re taking our leave for now and be sure that you will see more superb scenes next week as well when we return again! Looking for similar hardcore gay sex scenes? If you do, check out the Boykakke website! Enjoy!

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