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Long Thick and Hard

Two more breed it raw hunks are here nailing their asses. As you know these guys don’t play around and you can see that in the preview below. Long, thick and hard cock up one another’s ass is all you are going to see in this one. Everything took place in the kitchen on one of the counters. No matter where you turn you head you can always find two jocks nailing their asses, but these two took it to the next level. The good part of living in such a small community is that you can always find a handy man around to give you a hand. He needed someone to take care off of his cabinets in the kitchen and this black hunk was the perfect guy to do that. His long and thick dick was all he needed after a hard day.

Seeing him work in there wearing his tank top and his tight jeans really got his interest and he wasn’t going to keep it to himself so he tried his luck with the black hunk. Everyone around there knew that he was into guys so all he had to find out was if he was interested in him or not. As you can see things went way better that he expected and after he finished working on his cabinets he began working on his ass. See them nailing their asses and blowing their big dicks in the breeditraw scene below! Check out the FraternityX site if you wanna see other hot gay guys sucking cocks and swallowing big loads of cum!


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Breed It Raw – Creamy Dose

This black jock is getting his creamy dose dumped in his ass in this one. The breed it raw jock found his new buddy in the gym while he was training and didn’t mind at all to take him for a rough dick ride. He was new there and our guy helped him out around. We can tell for sure if it was a good day or a bad day because he got the only gay guy over there helping him out. Needless to see he didn’t know that but he found out pretty soon. The new guy went to his house for a beer at his place and when he made his first move everything finally got clear for him.

But here is the part that surprised us, the new guy was also into dudes so he actually felt good that the guy was interested in him. These black jocks can be really confusing, you wouldn’t expect to see a black hunk being into dudes but it still happens. This time we got two ripped jocks taking turns on nailing their asses in front of the recording camera. We don’t need to say that we got all the goods from their bareback fucking session and that you got access to it all below. Be sure you guys return tomorrow for more breeditraw gay action. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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Breed It Raw – Black Is Big

Breed It Raw is back with two more jocks nailing their asses and blowing their big dicks in front of the camera. We just can’t catch a break with these horny black jocks and they always got something special to share with us. This time the black jock had another curious guy after him nagging him and testing his patience. The inked latino hunk wanted to try out a black jock and he wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. He knew if he kept on insisting he was going to get what he wanted and he was perfectly right. The horny black jock got sick of him and accepted to test him out. The jocks couldn’t believe his luck and once he got his ok he got busy with his dick.

They weren’t wrong, black is big indeed. This is one of the biggest dicks he’s got his hands on and this explains why he spent so much time blowing it. The breeditraw hunk then continued with a hard ass fucking session where he got to shove his big black dick up his tight asshole and stretch it to the limits. The horny latino Papi won’t forget his first black dick and you guys can see more of their adventure in the gallery below so don’t miss it out. We’ll see you next time with more raw gay fucking scenes!


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Romancin’ Dat Ass

The breed it raw jocks are back with another insane ass fucking session. The word romance isn’t in these guys’ vocabulary and you knew that by now. As you can see these black jocks didn’t have any mercy on each other’s ass as they were bareback fucking. Although it started as a pretty romantic night things didn’t continue in this note once they got to the bedroom. The horny black jocks couldn’t keep their hands off each other and by the time they got to the bed both of them were butt naked. Things really escalated but we weren’t expecting anything else from these two. When you think that things can’t get hotter around here, these two send us their latest update. You’re going to love it as much as we did we are sure about that!

We know how much you guys enjoy seeing hot horny black jocks in action and this is what you are getting from these two, pure intense action. The guys romanced the hell out of their fine asses as they took turns on stuffing their asses. The black jocks had a great time ass slamming and they shared it with you guys. The entire action is below, so don’t worry it’s not just this preview. See you guys next time with more updates and until the next update you can check out some of the older scenes as well. Stay tuned!


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The Seduction Of Woo

The breed it raw jocks are back with another great one! Woo’s seductive methods are back and they made a new victim. He got a new fuck boy and he didn’t miss the chance to bang his fine ass. Woo has his way with guys and there are extremely few guys that turned him down. This guy didn’t escape his charms and while he was fixing Woo’s kitchen installation, he worked his magic. The sexy black plumber was all he needed after such a stressful day. The guys kicked it off instantly and the poor guys didn’t even get the chance to finish his work.

Woo couldn’t keep his hands to himself and his sexy plumber’s dick was all that he could think about it. Getting in his pants was easy, as it usually is, and once he got there he did what he loves the most, fucking asses. The jock got his big black dick sucked off by Woo and then he took a tour of his fine ass. Woo got to shove his hard dick up his fine ass. The seduction of Woo worked his magic again and each time he wants a guy he is going to get him. The black jocks offered us another great update and you guy have the best seat in the house to see it. Stay tuned and see you guys tomorrow with another one!


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Breed It Raw – Training Day

Training days are usually the hardest, but not if you’re doing what these guys do. As you can see these three breed it raw jocks had their own training exercises and most of them imply blowjobs and handjobs. This sure is a more interesting way of training than the traditional methods. Why sweat in the gym when you can do all the sweating on your living room couch? And trust us the second way is way more fun than the first traditional one and the guys are here to show just how interesting things can get.

These black jocks decided to skip training today and had their little workout from home and we loved every second of it. The guys got things started fast and you are going to thank us for this one. The ripped jocks offered us an amazing blowjob session, showing off their dick sucking skills, but no worries things only get hotter from this point on. The training day continued with an intense ass fucking session and they made sure that their buddies got a good sweating out of it. So get ready to see a lot of ass drilling and stretching by the end of this one. This was all for today but this one is going to keep up busy for a while, but you can thank us later. See you guys later with more breeditraw update from your favorite guys!


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Breed It Raw – The Big 7

Why have two guys when you can get the big 7? This breed it raw scene is going to be out of the roof. We know that you guys are going to love this because let’s face it where are you going to find seven hunks, horny black hunks in action in the same gallery. The guys were sharing the same team and during one of their training camps, things got a lot more interesting for them. Their coaches left the camp for the day so the guys decided to have some of their own the best way they could. This wasn’t the first time this happened so the guys aren’t new at this. The big seven started teasing us with some nude pictures showing off their fit bodies and their hard dicks before getting down on one another. And things got dirty, trust us!

The black jocks began jerking off and sucking off one another’s dick and then hammering their asses. We know how much you guys love seeing athletes in action and after seeing them we can understand why. What these black hunks are doing in this one has exceeded our expectations and we guys are just gonna love it. No matter where you turned someone was banging or blowing dicks so you won’t get bored with these seven black jocks. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more exclusive breeditraw scenes!


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Toys For Cocks

Breed it raw has two more horny black jocks for today’s update. These guys aren’t up to no good and nothing is off limits with them. Don’t get confused this is just the beginning of it all so you are going to see a lot more of ass drilling scenes. After a surprise visit at his hotel, things got really intense and the guy ended up in the sack for the rest of the night. It’s been too long for both of them! He knew that the hot hotel employee is going to make a move just by the way he was checking him out. He had to keep a professional relationship with all of his clients during working hours but there weren’t any rules for his personal time.


So after he finished his shift he paid his favorite client a visit to see how he was doing. He was waiting for him and wasn’t going to miss the chance to bang him. Traveling alone can be so boring, so why not spice it up a bit by adding another black hunk to the list? The hotel employee was so horny that he didn’t even have time to take off his underwear and ended up banging his with them on. Never mess around with horny hood guys! But if you don’t trust us you can see it all for yourself. Enjoy it!

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Breed It Raw – Sex In The Cincy

The breed it raw guys are back with another intense update. This time we got an insane threesome for you guys, with these three jocks nailing their asses in front of the rolling cameras. If you thought things can’t get hotter well this update was made for you guys. Why have two guys instead of three guys? These three guys had a lot of catching up to do and they found the best way to do that. Clothes flying all over the place, blowjobs, handjobs and ass fucking, yes you can find it all in the exclusive breeditraw gallery below. We are going to love it, we can assure you that!

The ripped black guys shared the fun as they took turns on pleasing one another. While one of them was sucking off his friend’s dick the other guy was busy nailing his ass and he shoved his fat black dick up his ass deeper and deeper. We know that you guys really enjoy seeing your hunks in action and these three are some of the best you can find. Younger, hot, great bodies and big dicks. If we got your interest make sure that you guys will check out the entire scene and tell us what you think about it. This was all for today but we’ll be back tomorrow with another great update for you lucky guys. See you next and stay tuned!


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Dagger and Magic Wood

Dagger and Magic Wood are back with another great breeditraw update to share with you guys. The two horny black jock had an intense game night that ended with a rough ass fucking scene. The guys were watching a basketball game and to make it more interesting the guys had a little bet between them. The loser had to please the winner and as you can see the guys kept their word and respected the bet. It was a tight game and by the end of it, one of the guys was on his knees blowing his buddy’s dick. You gotta appreciate the fact that the guys kept their word and offered us another great show! Everyone knows how much these guys love watching or playing ball.

A bet is a bet and either way Dagger and Magic were going to get laid tonight. After he kept his part of the bet the guys ended nailing their asses in front of the tv. This sure makes watching games way more interesting for these two. The two ripped black jocks then began hammering one another’s black fine ass. Dagger and Magic Wood are up to no good and you’ll get to see everything that went down there. From the blowjobs to them fucking their asses everything is here. Below you got a little preview but if you follow the link you can see the entire scene. Stay tuned for more!


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